Amasha Griffin

My name is Amasha Griffin I am a successful business owner, poet, mentor, mother of three, and wife. . My mission is to enrich the lives of others uncovering their God given talents and abilities by stimulating growth spiritually, mentally and physically. During my leisure time I enjoy hanging out at the beach and eating good food. 

I am here to help you discover the power and benefits of Intentional Parenting and share with you some of the experiences and learning lessons that I encountered with my children as well as others.  This  blog is also about empowerment and encouraging individuals to live their best life ever through Faith, Family, and Lifestyle. If this blog has enlighten you in any way please leave me a testimony down below.

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The reason I wrote this book “Say It Loud”

For as long as I can remember I envisioned myself as an author. I looked at the glamorous perks of it. Traveling around the world, owning a cottage near the beach where I could meditate and write, and also speaking on world stages adorned in beautiful suits and signing autographs. However I envisioned how my work could transform and educate others as well as transition an entire community for the greater good.

Currently my why has more purpose and substance. I wrote this book because I discovered that I needed to teach parents how to effectively communicate with their children and this teaches children how to accept themselves for who they are. I am passionate about guiding families to develop healthy, thriving and trustworthy relationships. As an Early Childhood Educator with over two decades of experience it is
imperative that I continue to build a powerful foundation for generations to come. I am
revolutionizing my legacy in hopes of influencing others to do the same.

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Faith. Family. Lifestyle.

My Promise
My promise is to enrich people’s lives and stimulate personal growth spiritually,
mentally, and physically. Also encourage and prepare children to go from Preschool to
college with confidence, and mentor parents and others how to effectively communicate
with children. My focus is on a strategy, a solution that can transform lives to move forward.

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*Faith in the process
*Faith in yourself
*Faith in others


*Be Intentional
*Be Present
*Be a Good Listener


*Get Organized
*Get Moving
*Get Freedom