Perfectly Me

Perfectly Me

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made:

"Me Time"

Over the years I have realized how imperative my “Me Time” is. I get to indulge myself, discover my capabilities, confront my own negative thoughts, and uncover my inner most suppressed emotions then find a solution. I have learned to dismiss the thoughts of my worldly imperfections and realize that I am “Perfectly Unique”.

You probably wonder if this is something that you can accomplish. Most certainly my dear, you literally have control of your entire being. You have the birthright to choose how you feel, what you think, how you communicate, and so much more. Beloved I want you to forgive yourself for every mistake and realize that you have the POWER. Do not hesitate to own the power that is rightfully yours.

Once you commit to finding out who you are, what you want, how you wish to feel, and all of your heart desires you have discovered what freedom and peace really means. There are a lot of conversations on social media as well as some reality shows about “Living your best Life”. Know one gives you the honest truth about how? No one explains how painful and difficult this process can be.

You are no longer able to blame others about your unhappiness and confusion. You begin to shed so much of your own crap that you feel lighter and your mind as well as your heart begins to open up and the “Real You”, is revealed just like that. You must show up and be honest. Ladies and Gentlemen let me tell you how sweet it is to be loved by the real you. If you do not believe me I dare you to try it. Pencil yourself in on your schedule and take a me time out.

From my heart to yours…

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