A Splash of Happiness

A Splash of Happiness

What does happy look like to you. How does it feel, where do you find it? Is your definition of happiness the same as most humans.

Millions of dollars, a few exotic cars and a big house. What if you had all the money you ever wished for but you had a disease with no cure. You had the two story mini mansion with no children, husband/wife or a dog to share it with. Would you prefer loneliness or sickness?

“I have witnessed people who have what society labels as everything but they are miserable.”

~ Defined Happiness ~

They constantly seek more apparently they never have enough. Happiness to me is a nice crystal flute of imported champagne, listening to live jazz music, engaging in intellectual conversation with genuine folks, candlelight brunches, and long walks on the beach barefoot.

Yes simple stress free pleasures.

You can have all the stuff you want as long as you do not seek happiness from things that have no substance. Therefore if you have no idea what happy looks like to you it’s time you discover the bliss. Do not get your happy confused with anyone’s ordinary you are extraordinary. Give yourself permission to adore a splash or two of authentic happiness.

From my heart to yours.

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