Eat Fresh

Eat Fresh

There is and old saying “ You are what you eat”. I have discovered there is truth to this. Eat fresh live fruits organic fruits straight from the garden.

Eat Fresh

You deserve the best of everything in life especially food.

If you cannot grow fresh foods then your best option would be to find you’re nearest Farmers Market. I love California because we have this option. It is a more convenient to find whole foods.

I remember I had certain expectations when my husband and I were searching for a house one of them was fruit trees.

Honestly whatever you profess and believe shall come to pass. I love that my family can walk into the backyard and pick fruit with no pesticides straight from the tree. Yes I know what you are thinking there are toxins in the air for example “Chemtrails”, however at least you know what you are eating when you grow it yourself.

I hear people talk about how expensive it is to eat organic. Think of it this way, it can be detrimental to your health if you choose not to. Now do not get me wrong there is a lot of hype surrounding the organic craze. It is the new diet if you will. What you choose to eat is totally up to you. My suggestion is to eat fresh live energy foods so you can look great, feel great, and be great.

You deserve the best of everything.

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