Family Heartlight

Family Heartlight

Family is dear to my heart. I adore all of my loved ones. I grew up in an era where we enjoyed the company of family.

Family Heartlight

We played cards, board games, hide and seek, played in the park from sunrise until sunset. Whatever happened to the good times?

It is time to reconnect. This is one my cousins and over the last year we have become close net. As we grew up we each had our on separate lives that consumed us. I have always done my best to stay in touch with my cousins but its not always easy when you relocate to another city or state. One realizes that changes occur.

It is always a pleasure when you can be surrounded with positive energy. My cousin Le’Beats have a wonderful time together. He makes me laugh, he’s always optimistic, and he is charming, full of life, and extremely intelligent. We have not had the opportunity to spend, as much time together lately because of our careers but the four seasons we were graced with was absolutely glorious.

Therefore We Want You to reconnect with someone in your family who you may have neglected or simply have not had the time to spare. Friends will come and go but your family is an extension of who you are and where you come from.

From my heart to yours

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