All I Need is One Mic

All I Need is One Mic

Daily I build myself up to become better than yesterday. I allow me to be who I am regardless. I Speak life and not death. I build so I choose not to destroy. I love passionately and enjoy the success of others because that represents evolvement. I have no time for mannequins but I do pray for you sincerely. I honor my relationships wholeheartedly. I accept my abilities to heal, nurture, and empower myself as well as the masses.

It has taken me half of my life to get to this realization. Often as women we constantly do for others and wear ourselves down. The aftermath can lead to turmoil, depression, loneliness, and self hate.

Design with Ease

“It takes a lot of courage and strength to stand and fight for who you are, what you need, and what defines your happiness. As a woman you deserve freedom, love, liberty, and accomplishment of your desires and goals. Give yourself the gift of knowing thyself.”
There should be no fear of limits, boundaries, stigmas, or judgments. When you have doubt just remember Oprah had doubt, however she surpassed her own expectations. It is not difficult for you to be great it is the little voices in your head that tell you differently why are you listening to lies.

Keep It Simple

Let me tell you how simple it is. Step away from the blog for a moment go get you a piece of paper and write down what I am about to share with you. Form a two column list on the left side write down What you need to change no matter what it is and on the right side write down Why you need to change it. Analyze this list daily and began to work on one item at a time.

This is a start to bright beginnings. Allow your heart to have no worries about transformation. Remember You don’t need permission or approval to be Magnificent. Just STAND.

From my heart to yours.

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